Die Story von RHAGHOUSE VINTAGE: Wie kamen wir dazu unseren Vintage Online Shop zu gr├╝nden?

The story of RHAGHOUSE VINTAGE: How did we come to found our vintage online shop?

I still remember the day my best friend Sarah and I decided to start our own online vintage shop. We sat together in our room and browsed through vintage clothing on Etsy. We've always had a passion for vintage fashion and loved browsing thrift stores for unique pieces.

On that day, we realized that there were hardly any online shops specializing exclusively in vintage clothing. We decided we wanted to change that and immediately started putting our idea into action.

We started gathering piece by piece and started designing our online store. We wanted to make sure that our shop was different and that every garment in our shop was carefully selected. We attach great importance to the quality of the garments and that each piece tells a unique story.

We looked for vintage pieces at flea markets and thrift stores around our town. But we also searched online for pieces from all over the world. It was a real pleasure to see how perfectly presented in our online shop each time we found a new piece.

We are now regularly on the road abroad and visit cities like New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo to offer you the best handpicked pieces from all over the world in our store.

We spent every free minute working on our shop and we were always excited when we got a new order. We knew that with every sale we were not only passing on a unique piece of clothing, but also preserving a piece of vintage history.

Over time, our shop grew more and more and we had to take care of the organization and marketing. It was tough, but we were always motivated and knew we had created something special.

Now, years later, I am proud of what Sarah and I have achieved together. We saved more than 5000 pieces of clothing and sent them out into the world. Each piece is handpicked and tells its own story.

Our online shop has not only cemented our passion for vintage fashion, but also shown us that together we can achieve great things. We are grateful for every customer who supports us and we will always keep working to keep vintage fashion alive.

In addition to brands such as Nike, Carhartt and Adidas, we now also offer rare vintage NFL pieces from America that are otherwise very rarely seen in Germany.

If you liked our story, we would be happy if you browse our shop and maybe you too will soon have a piece of vintage history hanging in your closet, otherwise we would be very grateful if you supported our small business and posted us on Instagram or Facebook follow :)

Best regards,

Sarah & Dominic


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